Miami Dade GIS geoJSON

The goal of the Miami-Dade GIS geoJSON project is to help local developers new to building web based maps for Miami-Dade to easily get local shapefiles and use them in their projects. The GIS files available on the county websites have been converted to a geoJSON format which can be used in other modern web developer tools such as CartoDB and others. (To see GeoJSON at work, look at this example of all county libraries, in a geoJSON format directly inside Github.)

The Miami version of this project is inspired from a similar project from Portland:

  1. Download shapefiles archives from the Miami-Dade Self-Service GIS
  2. Convert shapefiles to geoJSON at (upload the .zip)
  3. Click download. When geoJSON file opens in browser, copy its content to a .geojson file
  4. Once geoJSON file is pushed to Github, you can see it as a map by clicking on the file and then selecting the paper icon if it is not already selected.

If you have issues displaying map, use the geoJSON Linter to test your data.

Our recent hackpad notes: (Hackpad)[]

For Developers:


Trolley Tracker Mobile

See if we can reverse engineer the real-time GPS data used for Miami-Dade Transit trolleys and leverage that into its own application.