Budget Visualization

Miami-Dade County mayor, Carlos Gimenez, will be making a Twitter appearance Wednesday to answer questions about his new budget proposal. These proposals will be voted on later in the year. Unfortunately, his proposals are bound (figuratively) in very large PDF files, which are intimidating to the average — and busy — Miami citizen.

This project aims to portray this data in an easily readable format. Whether or not we succeed, it will all be over by Wednesday. No pressure.

For Users: http://codeformiami.org/MDBudgetviz/
For Developers: https://github.com/Code-for-Miami/MDBudgetviz



A web application designed to allow Miami-Dade county users to find information on their elected officials.

For Users: http://codeformiami.org/rep-miami/
For Developers: https://github.com/Code-for-Miami/rep-miami